Monday, February 7, 2011

The Motherland Visit, Part 6: Visual Journey to the Thai Countryside

As previously mentioned, we hadn't seen many extended family members for about 20 years. The Thai countryside is stunning. Enough with the words for now.

Cha Chaung Sao

Bat Sanctuary
[Bats under the protection of the Wat Pho Bang Khla]

Moung Kao Village [Purple White Village!] / Parchin Buri Province

This is where the infamous Pig Farm from my youth and my grandfather's ashes are located. This is where I got my first taste for riding scooters. My father had just taken me around the neighborhood on the back of the scooter and there were so many street dogs barking and chasing us. In a panic, I spread my toes and a flip flop was gone in the wind. Back on the farm, I geared up for my first lesson ... that landed me right into a small tree. Twenty years later, I'm back on the scene and never felt so free as when my brother and I took the twin Yamaha 80s out on the countryside.