Thursday, November 18, 2010


We drove to Bievres with neighbor
and friends, but not friends

Sweet hearts to tolerate my "r"s

Berlin-style late nights
of the "old" Bob Dylan
la la la through pursed lips
of cigarettes with tips cool to the touch

Remember the Edelweiss? Görlitzer Park?
But, of course.
I think it's the smoke that is stinging my eyes...

a kind of birthday / X everyday

we celebrated our anniversary in paris
though it should have been berlin
midnight walks in the interim
of gusty drizzly days and nights of grey

we are essentially the same
different packaging but still
wearing our favorite coats

i still hate goodbyes

i saw your everyday paris
peered in your windows
through the cracks
while the curtains were drawn

your white walls
look clean
and unencumbered
from out here

while FNAC bags and cardboard boxes
hide the building materials
of the controlled exposure
of your secrets